Many homes listed for sale on this site are connected to affordable housing programs that offer homebuyer assistance to support down payment and/or closing cost needs.

  • ANDP Homebuyer Assistance Program (AHAP)- In conjunction with the Bank of America Community Home Fund, ANDP is pleased to offer a limited-time program of homebuyer assistance of up to $30,000 for qualifying homebuyers. PROGRAM | SUMMARY

  • NSP - The Neighborhood Stabilization program provides up $25,000 in homebuyer assistance depending upon jurisdiction. Homebuyers can not exceed 120% AMI for this program. SUMMARY

  • HOME/CHDO - The Federal HOME program provides homebuyer assistance strictly based upon borrower need and amounts vary depending upon jurisdiction. SUMMARY

  • ANDP Veterans Program - Provides up to $7,500 in homebuyer assistance to any honorably discharged veteran, active duty military personnel, reserve member, guard member or Gold Star family member. PROGRAM | SUMMARY




Looking for additional down payment assistance information?

Visit www.DownPaymentResource.com for more programs. Enter the address of the home you are interested in purchasing and see a list of potential homebuyer assistance programs.


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