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ANDP Homes is dedicated to ensuring that you are connected to the most capable lending professionals. The following are preferred ANDP lenders.

Academy Mortgage Gina Spearman 404-574-2600 gina.spearman@academymortgage.com  
Ameris Bank Lattice Hardwick 770-577-1882 lattice.hardwick@amerisbank.com 379945
Bank of America Percy Blackshear 678-315-9493 percy.blackshear@bankofamerica.com 1522556
Bank of America Paul Brokenburr 404-607-2620 paul.brokenburr@bankofamerica.com 1541609
Bank of America Britany Butticaz 770-885-6380 brittany.butticaz@bankofamerica.com 658821
Bank of America Jennifer Coe 770-658-4106 jennifer.coe@bankofamerica.com 948624
Bank of America Joshua Gathers 404-607-3180 joshua.gathers@bankofamerica.com 1379459
Bank of America Locksley Hamilton 678-504-2450 locksley.g.hamilton@bankofamerica.com 544355
Bank of America Amy Matthews 770-572-6326 amatthews3@bankofamerica.com 1544879
Bank of America Aixa Rosario 404-310-5765 aixa.rosario@bankofamerica.com 882812
Bank of America John Silva 470-233-4567 j.silva@bankofamerica.com 207730
BankSouth Mortgage Micole Sudduth 770-374-1847 msudduth@banksouth.com 690971
First Community Mortgage, Inc. Russell J. Elam 678-381-2258 russell.elam@fcmhomeloans.com 174514
First Community Mortgage, Inc. David Williams 678-381-2272 david.williams@fcmhomeloans.com 128441
First Option Mortgage, LLC Kathleen Ricketts 770-423-8200 kricketts@firstoptiononline.com 123411
HomeBridge Financial Services Jackie Pratt 678-833-0440    
Homestar Financial Corp. Victor Cortes 404-438-8849 victor.cortes@homestarfc.com  
Homestar Financial Corp. Kimberly Johnston 678-552-3623 kimberly.johnston@homestarfc.com 222894
Homestar Financial Corp. Marlana Martin 678-997-2679 mmartin@homestarfc.com  
Homestar Financial Corp. Retunda Wilson 404-464-5648 rotunda.wilson@homestarfc.com 1125319
LoanSouth Mortgage Theresa L. Garcia 770-330-3234 tgarcia@loansouth.com  
LoanSouth Mortgage Girard Dickson 678-478-2838 gidickson@loansouth.com  
LoanSouth Mortgage Cathy Sisson 770-881-1026 csisson@loansouth.com  
NFM Lending Bonnie L. Stewart 678-248-3685 bstewart@nfmlending.com 371716
Regions Bank David Turner 770-920-3065 david.a.turner@regions.com  
Residential Finance Corp Denise Alcorn 614-324-4700 denise.alcorn@myrfc.com 195088
Sharpe Mortgage Jeff Watson 404-524-1111 jeff@sharpemtg.com 92501
Silverton Mortgage Specialist Susan Pryor 678-738-0515 susanpryor@silvertonmortgage.com  
Silverton Mortgage Specialist Sheryl Crawford 404-694-5053  sherylcrawford@silvertonmortgage.com 153070
Silverton Mortgage Specialist Joann Smith 404-587-0672 joannsmith@silvertonmortgage.com 233771
Southeast Mortgage Debra Harding 770-279-0222 x208 debra@southeastmortgage.us  
Southeast Mortgage Ramone Durden 770-279-0222 x616 ramone.durden@southeastmortgage.us  
Southeast Mortgage Shaun Graham 770-279-0222 x377 shaun.graham@southeastmortgage.us  
Southeast Mortgage Randy Thatcher 404-918-3660 randy.thatcher@southeastmortgage.com 200338
Southpoint Financial Services Shelly ElFil 404-433-7826 shellye@spfs.com 165491
Supreme Lending Tresmond Murphy 404-913-1219 tresmond.murphy@supremelending.com 1020507
Supreme Lending Harry A. Apollon 678-860-9353 harry.apollon@supremelending.com 250184
Wells Fargo Judy Jones 404-847-2525 judy.jones2@metrohomemtg.com  


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