Overview of Affordable Programs Through ANDP
ANDP Homes offers a number of affordable homes for purchase. Because these homes were purchased and rehabbed with many different program sources, there are many different program requirements and options. Below is a quick overview of our current programs. Note that programs are subject to change. Additional program requirements apply.

Program Abbreviation
Assistance To
General Public?
Homebuyer Assistance to Veterans? Assistance Forgiven Over Time? 

AMI Household Income Limits
(See Table at Bottom of Page)

8-Hour Homebuyer Education Class Required? Must the Home be Homebuyer Occupied?
1st Resp No* Yes Veteran- 5 Years 120% AMI Yes Yes
ANDP-A No* Yes Veteran - 5 Years 120% AMI Yes Yes
ANDP-D No* Yes Veteran - 5 Years 120% AMI Yes Yes
ANDP-IJ No* Yes Veteran-5 Years 120% AMI Yes Yes
ANDP-IK No* Yes Veteran - 5 Years 120% AMI Yes Yes
ANDP-IL No* Yes Veteran -5 Years 120% AMI Yes Yes
ANDP-IS No* Yes Veterans- 5 Years 120% AMI Yes  
HOME Yes. Amt determined by financial need Yes 5-20 Years 80% AMI Yes Yes
NSP Yes. For qualifying homebuyers Yes 5-20 Years 120% AMI Yes Yes
TOD Closing costs only. Yes Veteran - 5 Years 120% AMI Yes Yes
Veterans Yes. For qualifying homebuyers Yes Veterans - 5 Years 120% AMI Yes Yes

*While homebuyer assistance may not be provided by ANDP in some cases, there are other resources for asssistance. To learn more about other homebuyer assistance programs, visit www.downpaymentresource.com/homebuyers.

Maximum Household Income Limits
Affordable housing programs are designed specifically to aid families who need assistance based upon their income and household size. Income is examined as it relates "area median income" levels as set by U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD). Below you will find the income limits based upon category and number of persons in the household.

Example: To participate in the HOME/CHDO program, it is required that total household income is 80% or less of Area Median Income (AMI). Thus, in the chart below, we see that a family of 4 can have a total household income of no more than $54,550 to participate in the program. Note that programs often have differing income limits. Families purchasing an NSP program home, can earn up to 120% of AMI. Note that maximum household income levels includes all household incomes.

FY 2016 HUD Income Limits Summary

Household Size 50 % AMI 80% AMI 120% AMI
1 $23,650 $37,800 $56,700
2 $27,000 $43,200 $64,800
3 $30,400 $48,600 $72,900
4 $33,750 $54,000 $81,000
5 $36,450 $58,350 $87,525
6 $39,150 $62,650 $93,975
7 $41,850 $67,000 $100,500
8 $44,550 $71,300 $106,950


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