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Limited-Time Opportunity
Assistance for First-Generation Homebuyers 

Homeownership is an investment in your family’s financial future. However, saving for the required down payment can be challenging.  ANDP’s First-Generation Homebuyer Program might be able to help! For a limited time, qualifying first-generation homebuyers can receive a $12,000 grant to purchase any home from ANDP. Note, these funds are available for purchase of an ANDP home only.


Program Qualifications


Qualifying buyers are those with a total household income below 120% of Area Median Income* and those that meet the following definition of a first-generation homebuyer:


  • a homebuyer who grew up in foster care;

  • a homebuyer whose parents have not owned a home;

  • a homebuyer whose parents have lost their home;

  • or a homebuyer who has lost their home.

See the table below for the maximum income allowed, based on the number of individuals in the household. Note that income limits include all household income combined.  


Program Benefits


  • Buyers are provided up to $12,000 at closing as a grant. Funds can be used for down payment assistance, principal reduction, or to buy down points in the first mortgage.

  • Homes are priced affordably for low- and moderate income households. Specifically those with a household income below 120% Area Median Income.

  • Homes are sold only to low- and moderate-income families, no investor sales. Thus, buyers are not competing in the marketplace for opportunities.

  • Homes are either new construction or fully renovated and move-in ready.

Do I Pay Back the Grant?

No. The associated grant is provided at closing and can be applied toward closing costs, down payment, principal reduction or buying down points on your mortgage loan.

Which Homes Qualify?

This grant can be used to purchase any home offered for sale by ANDP.  See a current list of our homes for sale, and those coming soon here

Approved Lenders for ANDP Veterans Program

First-generation homebuyers interested in purchasing a home through this limited time program are required to use one of our approved lenders

Next Steps

Ready to secure your $12,000 grant with ANDP’s First Generation Homebuyer Program? Have your real estate agent contact our listing agent for any ANDP home and make an offer. Our agent will guide your agent through the simple application process. 

*Maximum Allowed Household Income

To ensure that homebuyer assistance is directed toward those in need of such assistance, our programs have limits on the total amount of household income to qualify for assistance. Our programs typically fall into two categories, those earning under 80% of Area Median Income and those earning below 120% of Area Median Income. Our First-Generation Homebuyer Program allows a total household income of 120% of AMI, with a sliding scale based on family size. See table below. Income from all household members over the age of 18 count toward the maximum allowed income.

Support of this program is provided by the National Fair Housing Alliance and other ANDP supporters. 
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