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Available Homes

Below you will find newly renovated, affordably priced homes we have available for purchase or coming soon. Each program below has program-specific requirements and qualifications. Be sure to see the "Program" column for detailed information related to the program associated with the home. 

These homes are available for any person who meets program and income requirements. ANDP offers a special program for honorably discharged Veterans, Active Duty Military Personal, Reserve Members, Guard Members and Gold Star Family Members. These audiences are encouraged to consider all homes on this page. Learn more about our Veterans Program.

See a home you are interested in and want to start the process? Start here. 




ANDP offers affordable home sales in three programs. 

NSP =  HUD's Neighborhood Stabilization Program 

HOME = HUD's HOME Investment Partner Program

PARTNERS = ANDP'S Home Purchase Program

To learn more about the requirements and limitations of the programs above, visit our PROGRAMS page. 

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