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Homebuyer Education

The home buying process can be daunting. How much home can I afford? How do I make sure that I'm dealing with a reputable lender? How can I protect my new investment? Answers to these questions and more can be found in homebuyer training courses offered around the metro Atlanta region. Homebuyer training is not only a great way to educate yourself on the process, it's also required by many homebuyer assistance programs.

All homes purchased through ANDP require the buyer to complete a HUD Approved Homebuyer Education Workshop and obtain a certificate of completion. There is often a small fee for these courses.


Note: ANDP does not offer homebuyer education training or counseling. Please see our recommendations below or take the course online using the information to the right.



To schedule your training, contact one of the agencies below.

Atlanta Urban League


D&E Financial Training


Help the People Programs Housing Counseling Agency


Homeowners Employment Corporation


NID Atlanta Metro Housing Counseling Agency


Resources for Residents & Communities

For a complete list of Georgia HUD approved Housing Counseling organizations, click HERE.


To search by zip code for a course near you, click HERE.

Take the Required Course Online!

ANDP Homes is pleased to offer homebuyers an alternative approach to completing homebuyer education - take the course online with Framework. 

Ready to start your homebuyer class online? Click here to watch a quick video to explain the process. Or click here to get started.

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